“A lot of companies in the small to medium space have been running on the same business model and sticking to the same protocols for decades.”

– Joel Skurrie, General Manager of Business Development, Elizabeth Machines Co.

Change can be daunting… especially for businesses that have been successfully operating a specific way for so long. The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ 2018-2019 survey of 7,000 Australian business owners regarding innovation, recorded that 56% of participating companies are not actively innovating their business and are scared to do so. Many of these businesses accounted lack of additional funds or lack of skilled personnel being the main causes.

Changes do not have to be instantaneous and overwhelming. Many businesses can improve with small incremental steps and advancements of their technological infrastructure. TBTC Melbourne City recently spoke with Joel Skurrie, General Manager of Business Development at Elizabeth Machines Co. to determine their drives for digital innovation and their experience in transforming an older business into a modern and technologically progressive company.


Elizabeth Machine Co.’s Digital Transformation

Elizabeth Machines Co. is a family run business established in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne in 1960, and is paving the way for small businesses alike by adopting modern technology and taking the gradual changes in their stride. In what is now the third descendant involved in operating the company, Elizabeth Machines have introduced the next generation, and with that, next generation operations. This includes willingness to accept technological advancements, greater understanding of the importance of technology and comprehension of digital evolution.

Joel has transformed the digital position of his grandfather’s company “inch by inch” as he believes that “the biggest cloud overhead was that there hadn’t been much of a focus on technology and how to improve internal measures” within the company. He feels as though this experience is not exclusive to Elizabeth Machines in that there are potentially “a lot of companies that are in the small to medium space that have been running on the same business model and sticking to the same protocols over the decades”, commonly believing that “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. Setting themselves apart and blazing a path for older and more traditional small businesses to implement advanced technology, Joel’s drives for seeking improved technology solutions stems from his desire to streamline operations and utilise technology to complete tasks more efficiently, allowing him to focus his efforts into running the business.

Elizabeth Machines Co. is spread across four sites in as many states across Australia, relying heavily on network security to keep confidential company information and data secure. To achieve this, Elizabeth Machines implemented Cisco Meraki business-grade routers in each location for a secure and reliable network connection. This allows the company to establish a centrally managed cloud network to oversee each site and create policies and procedures whilst simultaneously providing a secure firewall for the network to suspect and identify suspicious malware. Scott Mellick, TBTC Melbourne City Business Technology Advisor to Elizabeth Machines, states that the advancements provide Elizabeth Machines with “quality of service by prioritising internet traffic” in conjunction with implementing “an additional layer of security between the internet and internal networks”. Elizabeth Machines can now “focus their efforts on the business and what they do well, knowing that TBTC Melbourne City’s management of the network and its security is looked after”.

Joel, although extremely competent in understanding technology himself, benefitted from utilising TBTC Melbourne City as his technology partner to guide, support and assist him in his feat to modernise and innovate Elizabeth Machines. TBTC has been instrumental in helping improve telecommunications and implement managed cloud network capabilities, in addition to ongoing projects. Joel believes that TBTC Melbourne City have been available “with both resolutions and developments” that enhance productivity and the efficiency of company operations, and hopes to pave the way for other small businesses through their relationship with TBTC Melbourne City.

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