Can you afford to be the victim of a cyberattack?


This question has become an all too familiar reality following the surge of cyberattacks targeting businesses attempting to stay operational remotely. The Australian Government’s ‘Scam Watch’ feature has recorded an overwhelming total of almost $90 million in losses for Australian businesses within 2020, all due to cyber scams and attacks.

With the most commonly reported method being phishing, it is crucial that Australian businesses have adequate security measures in place to block such attempts. The advanced security precautions and frequent backups of Managed Cloud Services can protect you and your business.


What is a Managed Cloud Service?

A Managed Cloud Service is a comprehensive solution for businesses utilising cloud tools, to ensure that their cloud environment is advanced and proactive in defending the organisation’s data and sensitive information, as well as preventing costly cyberattacks. Managed Cloud Services is the optimal solution for both businesses desiring to optimise their cloud experience, and businesses that are requiring additional support and guidance as to how to best protect their data.



  • A robust security defence to detect, prevent and block cyberattack attempts on your cloud environment.
  • Create and implement plan B with 3x daily backups of company data to minimise loss of information if the event of an attack or deletion of data either maliciously or accidentally, were to occur.
  • Complete transparency through management insights of user activity, licensing and cloud usage.
  • Ongoing management and support of your cloud environment.


Whether your business has never implemented cloud-based collaboration tools, or is established in its use of cloud platforms, TBTC Melbourne City can assist you in your journey to secure your business and minimise risks of cyberattacks and data loss through proactive, preventative measures.

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