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The secret to compliance, customer engagement and performance on Telstra Calling for Office365


New Solution for Telstra Calling for Office365 

We are pleased to offer our clients an essential compliance and performance value-added solution for Telstra Calling for Office365. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Dubber, the world’s leading cloud unified call recording and voice AI solution.

Telstra Calling for Office365 customers can easily record, store and analyse any call for compliance, customer experience, productivity and performance, and fast dispute resolution.


Discover the benefits of unified call recording and voice AI

Unified call recording and Voice AI provide enormous benefits, especially in the new hybrid workplace, where less than 5% of conversations are being recorded and captured. Businesses are losing critical insights forever. 

The new post-COVID challenge for businesses is how to gain visibility and intelligence from crucial conversations happening both at the office and remotely.


Unified call recording and voice AI enables businesses of all sizes to:

Address regulatory compliance

Essential for any regulated industry – compliantly record and transcribe every customer conversation to meet compliance mandates and respond instantly to audits and investigations. Voice AI can quickly identify compliance breaches or suspicious behaviours.  

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn

Gain real-time insights into customer satisfaction and sentiment to quickly improve the customer experience and enable fast responses required to retain clients.  

Prevent customer disputes from escalating

Record every client conversation for proof of orders or advice given and get alerted when clients complain – instantly accessible for quick dispute resolution and remediation. 

Improve staff performance with training

Know what staff are saying to customers and get the insights you need to improve employee performance. Discover missed revenue opportunities.

Boost productivity

Give time back to your sales team by eliminating inaccurate and time-wasting manual note-taking. Transcribe every call and meeting and automatically attach them to Salesforce records.

Reduce IT Costs and Complexity

Dubber is cloud-based and built into Telstra Calling for Office365 for fast setup, no hardware or professional services needed and is available for a low monthly subscription.


Why Choose Dubber?

Dubber is the only certified, fully integrated solution for Microsoft Teams and Telstra TIPT, Liberate and SIP Connect. Dubber can be switched on with a click to securely and compliantly capture calls from any device or location – without costly hardware. 

Call recordings can be easily accessed and are instantly searchable from the web portal or mobile app. 

From sentiment analytics and transcriptions to keyword trends and alerts, AI-powered insights enable a business to capture the value in every conversation—all from one easy-to-use platform that connects to Salesforce, applications, and dashboards.


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