3 unified communications tools for a smarter workplace

3 unified communications tools for a smarter workplace

The widespread adoption of hybrid work over the last few years has largely helped to accelerate the digital transformation of businesses, large and small. Unified communications (UC) have been a significant part of this uplift in technology advancements, assisting in changing how organisations communicate, both internally and externally. 

But, what actually is unified communications? UC describes a platform integrating phone systems, video conferencing, chat, screen sharing, and file management into one, centralised hub. It’s essentially a turn-key system that lives in the cloud, so it can be accessible to any team member with an internet connection.

Many businesses have embraced updating their IT systems to keep pace with this new era of workplace flexibility, while some organisations are yet to make the change. This is not due to a lack of awareness but, rather, it’s likely the new demand for UC tools and increases in options have created overwhelm for business owners trying to select the best option for their business.

Let’s explore how unified communications supports smarter workplaces, how to help choose the right solution for your business needs, and what options you can consider.

How do unified communications help make workplaces smarter? 

Integrates multiple communications platforms into one system

Using multiple modes of communication can work well, but it’s generally not very efficient for your team’s productivity. Rather than having separate systems for each communication need, unified communications can integrate everything under one, centralised ‘roof’.

Boosts employee productivity and engagement

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of employees working at half-pace. A key benefit of UC is that your team can focus more time and energy on getting actual work done, since they can spend less time managing communications and switching between platforms. 

Helps to reduce business costs

By simplifying your tech stack you’ll be consolidating multiple services into one platform and help to reduce the number of ongoing subscription fees. Plus, it has the potential to reduce your phone bill, provide hardware savings, improve efficiencies, reduce lost work time and lower utility costs with more team members working remotely.

How to choose the right unified communications solution for your business 

At TBTC Melbourne City, we’ve found that different businesses have different requirements and priorities that can make choosing the right unified communications solution for your business overwhelming. Here are some of the key elements to take into consideration.

Ease of integration

Check if the UC platform integrates with your other, existing business tools such as your task management software, your content management system, help desk management applications, and customer relationship management software.


Some UC tools provide enterprise-grade endpoint security to protect your business against ransomware and other cyber threats. With small businesses can be just as much a target as big enterprises, checking levels of protection and frequency of security updates is a key factor when selecting which provider to go with.


Your UC platform should be flexible enough to help meet your volume and user requirements without having to invest in additional equipment that needs to be configured and maintained. You should be able to expand (or scale down) your workforce as needed while keeping them connected. 

Cloud-based access

Can your UC platform be accessed from any location? Make sure your chosen solution is cloud-based so that your hybrid or remote working team can reliably access files, data, video chat, voice calling and text messaging. Being cloud-based also helps minimise impacts to your business operations if your server crashes. 

Overall value 

Look for a provider that offers all the communications tools your business needs to operate efficiently. Consider things like what kind of functionality you need, which tasks it needs to support, what your team needs (for example screen sharing, instant messaging, recording etc) and whether it will integrate with the existing tools you use. 

3 unified communications solutions for a smarter workplace 

At TBTC Melbourne City, we take the time to understand your strategic business goals in order to make tailored recommendations. However, below are three solutions that we often recommend to help you collaborate more efficiently, mobilise your team, and simplify your systems.

1. Telstra IP Telephony

Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) brings voice calling, video calling and instant messaging together all in one place. Create a central location for your team to collaborate, and provide them with the tools they need to assist in presenting a professional customer experience. TIPT is good for businesses that need a highly scalable solution with either extensive vertical functionality for calling or the full breadth of unified communication options across a single platform, including file sharing.

2. Cloud PBX Calling

Whether your workforce is on the move, or collaborating across different sites or offices, staying in touch is crucial.

From regular check-ins, to closing sales, you need a robust, reliable calling solution. Cloud PBX Calling is a cloud-based, business-grade calling solution that means you can provide a unified customer experience, with a business phone line you can use in the office or on the road. 

3. Telstra Calling for Office 365

Two of Australia’s largest communications and technology brands, Telstra and Microsoft, have joined forces to bring you one powerful workplace collaboration platform. Make calls directly from Microsoft Teams, and collaborate with your staff and customers easily in real time. Similar to TIPT, Telstra Calling for Office 365 suits businesses that need the full breadth of unified communication options in a single platform.

How TBTC Melbourne City can help 

Want to learn more about how unified communications can help your team be more productive, from more places? Here at TBTC Melbourne City, we deliver unified communications solutions that are designed to suit the way you do business. Talk to us today to get your business better collaborating.

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